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What Is The Difference Between A Career and A Job?

Last Updated on January 20, 2021 by admin

Career vs a jobMy readers are often asking what the difference between a career and a job is and it was about time I addressed it. 

When someone tells you I am thriving in my career vs I really love my job, what does it really mean? 

I am hoping to cover the difference between a job vs a career and to tell you which one is better in the long run. 

A lot of people, including myself have often used a job or career to talk about the scope of work I do. 

But I think there is a huge difference between a job and a career. 

If you are struggling to decide exactly which path you should take, we will help you out. 

I will definitely be looking at:

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Jobs vs. careers which one is better for you?In order to decide which road best suits your lifestyle, you really need to understand the difference between the two.

And honestly, neither way is wrong. 

It really just depends on your lifestyle and what your priorities in life are. 

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What Is A Job?When you say, I am going to get a job, what exactly does that entail?

A job is an activity that one often performs in order to earn money.

So you would go to work, perform duties required and in exchange you will get paid for doing so.

Most jobs focus on only one position, for example, you are a receptionist and your role is to answer phones, direct calls, perform specific customer service duties and so on.

And these typically don’t change unless you get promoted, moved around in the business or more duties are added to the role. 

Some people have regular jobs others have part-time, on-call and even contract jobs that they perform in order to get paid. 

In some cases, these jobs might not interest you at all, but you really need the money in order to survive. 

Some people have learned to love what they do at work and do not mind going to work each day to get paid. 

But when it comes to getting regular training, education or even mentorship to grow in that particular job is probably not a priority. 

What is a career?A career is something that you have decided that you want to do and you have worked in that position for a long period of time in some cases a lifetime.

You might have gotten a certificate in that field, a diploma, training, and been a master’s degree. 

You have spent years, money and time invested in growing your skills to undertake this role. 

You might have even held different positions in different places just to advance your career and skills. 

Your experience has paid off in a few different ways such as

higher-paying employment opportunitiesGreat titles to your name in the workforce More challenging roles and dutiesAnd respect A career will require to take extensive training, mentorship and education. 

You have passion for this and you will take every opportunity that comes your way to improve that career if things present themselves. 

Difference between a job and a careerNow that you know what a career is and what a job is, what is really the difference?

And is a job the same as a career?

They seem to overlap a lot and in most cases that is true. 

With a job:

You can have multiple jobs that typically do not relate to each other and can be added to your resumeYou could apply for any job as long as you are getting paid for your effortsYou may or may not like your job as it is just something you are doing to get paidYour job may or not be your careerYou can work at a job and the people you meet might not matter if you switch jobs especially in a different fieldWith a career:

Most of the job or work you do is related to the career you are building Those building a career are typically only looking for opportunities in their field evening if it just unpaid volunteer workThe work you do to build your career will open doors to many opportunities in that field Everyone you meet during your career will remain part of your circle for years to comeYou will love your job in the field you are pursuing and it will at times not feel like a jobWith a career, you are continuously pursuing opportunities that will grow you as a person.That is really the big difference between work and career!

Can a job become a career?In my opinion, yes it can. 

Most people may argue this point as they believe that it is part of an occupation that is developed over time and with a plan

Stand-In Actor or actressVoice over actress or actor Fashion stylist / Fashion designer Art therapyYouTuberConcert promoterEvent PlannerDog Walker Video game designerInterior designers BloggerGraphic designersBlog FlippingMystery shoppersFood technologistsPersonal shopper

What is the difference between a job and a career and an occupation?Someone wanted to know what it meant to have an occupation. 

I already outlined the other differences. 

Basically, an occupation is a type of job or profession which typically has the same job duties.

You have the same tasks and you need specific training to do that job such as a teacher, scientist, technician, lawyer or accountant. 

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Do you have a career or do you have a job?

And we also want to know, job vs career, which one is better?

Tell us in the comments below. 

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What Is The Difference Between A Career and A Job?



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