The Importance of Building Relationships & Working With Bloggers

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How To Connect With Other BloggersGuess what, you don’t operate in a vacuum, and working with bloggers preferably in your niche will only make you more successful.

You need readers and people that can help you spread the word about your brand and business.

It just makes sense to work with other bloggers in order to achieve this.

In fact, one of the best things you can ever do for your growing business is to network and connect with other bloggers on a regular basis. 

After all, they are the ones that could recommend you, vouch for you, link to you, and ultimately grow your business. 

And if you are not already actively pursuing this outlet, you could be missing out. 

Remember, it’s community over competition even though a lot of bloggers focus on competing. 

I find that working with bloggers and building that relationship was the connection I needed to finally start making over $5000 a month with my blog. 

And if your blog is just not making any money, then you might need this. 

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5 Benefits of Working with Bloggers

1. It’s a Quick Way To Get In Front Of Someone Else’s Audience Honestly, this point alone should get you excited enough to start building relationships with other bloggers today.

You work hard to grow your audience and you do everything you can to get in front of as many people as possible.

And I know exactly how hard this can be for so many bloggers, especially new bloggers.

Other bloggers work just as hard on the same goal and chances are that even if the two of you are in the same niche, you have somewhat different audiences.

Yes, that is totally possible. 

If you can build a great relationship with a fellow blogger, you can each grow your reach and get in front of each other’s audience so effortlessly.

It’s also a great way to fast track your list building projects in order to increase passive income.

If you are not yet building lasting relationships with other bloggers, it’s time to get started right now. 

2. You Can Grow Your Brand and Blog Faster Together With the support, that cross-promotion brings, it will allow everyone involved the opportunity to grow more quickly.

Have you ever come across a pin or a post on how a blogger was able to make money within just 5 months of starting a blog? 

It is possible to do if you have a great strategy in place. 

And one of those strategies is tapping into someone else’s audience. 

It isn’t just your blog traffic that will grow.

Your lists will grow faster, your social media reach will grow faster, and your search engine rankings may improve as you support and help each other.

By working with bloggers, you can grow your blogs much faster than if you did it all alone.

And in reality, you can not do it all and still produce the quality that your readers are used to. 

Even I work with other bloggers and a VA or two. 

Read this —–> 10 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Make More Money

3. Readers Want As Much Content As They Can Get – Help Them Think about yourself as a blog reader.

When you are interested in a topic or getting into a new hobby, you want to read and learn as much as you can.

At least that is the case for me.

I am sure you want to read more than just one blog?

Doing extensive research on a new project you want to embark on is what most people do. 

So help your readers out by pointing them to other great blogs in your niche. 

Guys, be as helpful as you can, and you will get the same credit. 

If you are genuine and helpful, other bloggers will start to notice you.

And who knows, they might also return the favour. 

4. It’s Free Promotion for Your BrandIt won’t cost you a thing to build and nurture relationships with other bloggers. 

Every time a blogger does a shout-out to you on Social Media, or links to your blog on their own blog, or even mentions you in Facebook groups for bloggers, you are getting free promotion for your brand.

The more people that get to know you, the more free promotion you can get. 

Working with bloggers is one of the cheapest ways to get your brand in front of more people.

Yes, you can create epic pins on Canva and share on Pinterest, or do an Instagram Story, but would a simple one on one relationship with other bloggers hurt you? 

5. Mastermind to Learn Faster and Get Better Last but not least, let’s talk about how you can become a better blogger by networking with others along the same path as you are.

We can all figure out different things that can help us in our blogging career.

By masterminding with other bloggers, you can speed up the learning curve and get ahead much faster.

I am part of a few tight mastermind groups on Facebook where we help and elevate each other every month.

It’s a great place to share what you are learning, what’s working, and what isn’t this way they can also progress without making simple mistakes.

A mastermind group will also help you grow together toward becoming better and more successful bloggers like these amazing female entrepreneurs. 

Ways To Collaborate With BloggersThere are so many amazing ways to connect with other bloggers in order to have a successful relationship. 

And once you get it going, you will be glad you did. 

Here are a few ways I suggest connecting with other bloggers to increase your brand. 

1. Commenting & Engaging With Them On Blogs or Social MediaOne of the best ways bloggers can collaborate with other bloggers is by commenting on their blogs (meaningful comments). 

Most bloggers crave for other people to share their blogs so they can get some traffic.

So, go ahead and start the process by commenting, sharing, and promoting other bloggers’ work.

In time, they will notice you and reciprocate.

2. Consider Connecting By Guest PostingIf you want to start working with bloggers, consider guest posting.

It’s one of the best ways to connect and collaborate with other bloggers.

You can definitely get in front of someone else’s audience by guest posting which can be beneficial for both parties. 

The person that gets the guest post has new, fresh content for their blog.

You get to share your best work with their audience and if you link to yourself ideally to a landing page that can capture emails, you can gain new people to your list.

Guest posting is also a great way to grow your SEO ranking, increase your DA and get a solid backlink.

Easy backlinks for SEO is always the best type of backlink.

I am accepting guest posts on my “mom blog” which you can find here. 

3. Work With Bloggers Over An Interview SerieI love doing interview series as they allow you to really connect with the other blogger. 

Basically, send them a list of questions and even guidelines that they can answer. 

You can then create a post using the answers provided. 

Want to see an example?

Here is how one blogger was able to make over $2 Million Selling Printables – Interview series. 

You can interview a few bloggers in your niche and feature them on your blog. 

4. Work with Other Bloggers on A ProjectWhy not come up with a project and consider working with one or several bloggers on a project. 

For example, Chelsea created an amazing blog summit that features multiple bloggers over a one week period. 

The summit is known as Brave At Business.

Brave At Business is a virtual profit planning summit, helping content creators and business owners scale and make more sales. 

In 5 days, you’ll walk away with a bulletproof profit plan for your business, and the support to put it into action.

It happens once a week. 

5. Work On RoundupsI love creating roundup blog posts because they bring me the majority of my blog traffic.

I don’t overdo it, but just enough that it brings me blog traffic all-year-round.

There are several ways to do roundups and one way is to collaborate with other bloggers in your niche.

For example, you could do a roundup of the best places to visit in Europe and have other creators contribute to it by sharing their experiences, photos and tips.

This is a great way to collaborate and work with other bloggers. 

When the post is done, you can email everyone that contributed to ask them to share it and link to it if they wish. 

Where can you find roundup contributors for your post?

I personally use Facebook groups like these ones: 

Blogger RoundupsBloggers Sharing Links for RoundupsBlogger Round-Up RequestsRoundupPaloozaRecipe Round-upBloggers Sharing Links for RoundupsCraft & Food Round-UpsYou can learn more about how to create roundup posts right here. 

I hope you enjoyed this and now understand the importance of building relationships and working with bloggers! If you want more amazing ideas like these, including tips to grow your blog from zero to profit, be sure to sign up for our 30 Day Blogging Challenge to a better blog if you have not done so yet! 

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The Importance of Building Relationships & Working With Bloggers



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