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Legal Stamper
Tap Into One Of The Hottest And Most Profitable Online Marketing Niches!
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Here’s What Our High-Quality Software Products Have Done For Our Clients…

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– George Studenko

“…Your software helped me gain back a ton of time…”
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– Veronica Davis

Here’s What A Well Respected Doctor Says About Our Software…

As author of several books, I have no hesitation in using your software…

…Thanks for creating a product that takes your customers seriously…
…You are an Internet Hero…
With appreciation,
Dr. John Vaughan
(His research has been quoted by CNN, White House, NBC, Business Week, New York Times Magazine, TIME, and many others)
We Want To Help You Avoid The Headaches…

It’s no secret. Trying to make money online can be difficult.

In this business, you’re often met with headaches and closed doors.
(Trust us, we’ve encountered these so many times!)
Finding a solution seems impossible.
You have probably…
  • Tried making money online but are not getting the results you want
  • Spent hundreds or thousands on Internet Marketing courses that just teach you theory but never really provided you with the exact system you need (You’re not alone, we’ve spent thousands on courses as well)
It’s really no wonder that most people who try to make money online give up.
Having Tried It All, We Were Beaten Down And Ready To Throw In The Towel
Roadblocks were our constant reality…
What often stopped us dead in our tracks was we didn’t know which business model to choose (there’s so many different ways to make money online!).
Of course, we’re sure you know exactly what we mean.
So you couldn’t blame us for wanting to give up…
They say the definition of insanity is expecting the same action to produce different results.
Well… being fairly sane people, we were out of fresh ideas. And nothing worked.
But before we pulled the plug entirely…
Something Happened That Changed Everything…
We were steps away from giving up when we started observing what successful online entrepreneurs were doing.
And we noticed almost all of them had one thing in common…
They were selling their own products!
Since then, we’ve been focused on that business model and…
Our Online Businesses Have Allowed Us To Do This…
But The Problem With Selling Your Own Product Is…
…it costs a lot of money and time to create your own product!
For example
….we’re in the software business and it can cost thousands of dollars to develop a new software product.
Software is also way more complicated than creating any other type of product.
For those reasons (and many more), there’s a low barrier to entry in the software industry.
That’s also a positive thing because we don’t have much competition!
However, we’re also in the business of helping others so lately, we’ve been creating software products for our clients to sell,
Because you know what…
…we aren’t anything special.
We aren’t more deserving of this success.
We simply discovered the key to making money online and we want you to duplicate it…
Which is why we’re so glad you’ve stumbled your own way to this letter.
We would like to give you…
Resale Rights To A New Software For PLR Users…
You Can Sell Our Software To A Market Of Passionate Buyers… 
Here Is Why You Should Be Selling Software In This Niche…
  • Most online businesses and marketers need and use PLR.
  • People who buy PLR are repeat buyers.  They will continue to buy PLR for years (as we do as well).
  • Internet marketers are always looking for tools that will help them save time. 
  • You can sell an endless amount of products to this market. 
  • There are plenty of affiliate programs you can promote to your customers that pay out hundreds and thousands in commissions.
  • This is a recession proof niche.

And Just In Case You Didn’t Already Know…

PLR Products Rock!

Using PLR products (or products with other kinds of distribution rights – like Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights, etc.) can help boost your business…

So, Here Is Our New Software You’ll Be Able To Sell To PLR Users (Remember, Most Internet Marketers Use PLR) For 100% Of The Profits…

This Tool Solves A Common Problem That Most PLR Products Have…

…90% Of PLR Products Are Not Prepared To Be Legally Compliant For Reselling!

And That Is Why This Is…

And Here’s What We’ll Give You To Help You Sell Your Software…
“Done-For-You Sales Page With Graphics” (Value: $2000)

Private Label Rights To The User Manual For Legal Stamper (Value: $500)

You can edit and rebrand this User Manual with your links.

You can also use it to promote other PLR Affiliate Programs!

“Hmm… What’s the Catch Here?”
Fair question.
What do we get out of this, really?
We’ve actually been helping people for years with building their online businesses.
So naturally, this is just another extension of what we do.
Now, you could always hire someone to build the software which can cost you thousands.
There’s also the option to build the software yourself which can take you years and lots of stress.
Or, you can just start reselling our high quality software.
This means you save yourself a ton of money, time and frustration for a fast tracked solution.
And don’t worry.
You won’t have to pay us thousands for this software we built for you.
And to ensure you succeed, we’re going to kick it up a notch.
If You Grab Resale Rights To Our New Software Today, You’ll Get FREE PLR To Our Video Tutorials (Created By Us, Not Outsourced) Showing You How To Drive Traffic To Your Software…
(*If You’re Not Familiar With PLR, it stands for Private Label Rights and it means you can edit, rebrand, and resell these products)

Bonus PLR #1

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Bonus PLR #2  

Instant Traffic For Pennies With Bing Ads

Most people are still not using Bing as a traffic source but I will tell you this can be a very profitable (and cheap) traffic source.
Bonus PLR #3
Large Solo Ad Vendors And List Brokers
If you need to build a list fast,you can pay these big boys to send you lots of traffic fast.
Bonus PLR #4  
Top 6 Paid Underground Traffic Sources
These sources can get you very targeted traffic. It’s a surprise not too many people know about these sources yet.
Bonus PLR #5  
Mastering Facebook
Watch as I create a banner ad and set up a Facebook campaign.
Bonus PLR #6
Free Listbuilding tools and methods
From free autoresponders to free ways to build your list, this course is for marketers on a shoestring budget.
Bonus PLR #7  
Media Buying Success
A traffic method I believe is more effective than Facebook because it allows you to reach anyone who has access to the internet and not just people with a Facebook account.
“Yes, I’m Ready To Sell The Legal Stamper Software! How Much Will This Cost Me?”
Here’s a quick recap of everything you’ll receive when you grab this business-in-a-box right now:
  • ​Resale License to “Legal Stamper” Software – $5,000
  • ​High converting sales page to sell software – $1000
  • ​Thank You page for your software – $250
  • ​Private Label Rights to User Manual for Forex software – $500
Total: $6,750
And You’re also Getting PLR To Our Video Tutorials Below To Help You Drive Traffic To Your Funnel Or To Resell:

Bonus #1 Explode Your Traffic With These 6 FREE Traffic Methods

Bonus #2 Instant Traffic For Pennies With Bing Ads
Bonus #3 Large Solo Ad Vendors And List Brokers
Bonus #4 Top 6 Paid Underground Traffic Sources
Bonus #5 Mastering Facebook
Bonus #6 Free Listbuilding tools and methods
Bonus #7 Media Buying Success
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Diego and Francis here and we have to admit, we STRUGGLED when we first started trying to make money online many, many years ago…
These days, things have gotten much better…
We not only live the internet marketing lifestyle but we now help regular people like you so you can start making money FASTER
…because when we first got started online, there was nobody to help us…