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Mind-Blowing WordPress Marketing Techniques for 2021

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular CMS with millions of websites currently running on the platform. But, not all these websites get the desired traffic and recognition.

What can you do to market your WordPress website better?

First, you need to create and launch a well-designed WordPress website that is easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and provides a good user experience. Next, you need to leverage SEO and marketing tools to take it a notch higher and get more traffic.

Here are some WordPress marketing tips that you can use to get more visibility for your website.

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1. Connect Your WordPress Site with Social Media
One of the best WordPress marketing tips that I can give you is to connect your website with your social media accounts. 

This requires two key things. First, your website visitors should be easily able to find your profiles. WordPress provides multiple options for this while setting up your website. 

You can choose to add multiple social media icons to your site and link them to your respective accounts. In fact, you can even show your latest Instagram posts right on your website in the sidebar or anywhere you want.

Second, they should be easily able to share your content on their profiles. For this, you simply need to add social sharing buttons.

2. Leverage WordPress SEO Tools and Plugins
SEO is an important part of WordPress marketing as it helps relevant people find your website and content. Luckily, WordPress comes with tons of built-in SEO tools and plugins that you can use to optimize your website.

When you first create your website on WordPress, it will automatically recommend some SEO tools to get you started. These will help you take care of all SEO basics and help people discover your website through organic search.

Organic search traffic is the most important and sustainable way of helping relevant people find your website. So, don’t skip on this, when you first create your website on WordPress.

Apart from these, you can also use other SEO tips and tricks just like you would on any other website. WordPress also makes it easy for you to integrate your existing SEO tools with your website. So, if you have a paid subscription for any SEO tools, chances are that you will find its plugin on WordPress.

3. Use the Built-In Marketing Tools on WordPress
WordPress provides numerous built-in marketing tools for anyone who wants to promote their website and business. In fact, when you go to the “tools” tab of your WordPress website, you will find a separate section for marketing tools.

Simply click on that and find tons of useful marketing tools including tools to design a logo and social media marketing tools. Choose the ones that are relevant to your business and use them to market your business.

4. Pay Special Attention to Website Design
When you first start designing your website, choose from the best WordPress themes to boost your eCommerce website. Also, make sure that your theme is mobile-responsive and renders well on all devices.

Apart from that, pay attention to site navigation and make it as easy as possible. Also, choose colors, texts, and backgrounds that make your web content easy to read and understand.

You can also check out some examples of WordPress sites for inspiration and then incorporate the best design aspects into your website.

Basically, design your website in a way that improves user experience and makes people want to stay on your website longer.

5. Provide a Live Chat Option
Live chat can help you achieve a lot of marketing goals from lead generation to increasing sales. AI-powered chatbots can greet your website visitors, help them navigate the site better, and even recommend products to buy.

So, use one of the good WordPress plugins for live chat and add it to your website. Adding these plugins to your website is fairly easy and quick.

The benefits of using live chat far outweigh the cost, so you can opt for this right from the start while launching your eCommerce site. Also, get an AI-powered chatbot that can keep learning from each conversation and gets better at helping your customers over time.

These are some of the best WordPress marketing tactics that you should definitely try in 2021. 

Use these tips for optimizing and maintaining your WordPress website. It will help you get more traffic on your WordPress website and boost your business.

Have any questions on how to optimize and promote your website on WordPress? Leave your questions in the comments section.



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